• Just wanted to say that you guys rock! Thank you for getting my company licenses in the right place. I have a realtor appointment tomorrow and was worried about how that would look to the agent. Thank you so much! ...I will absolutely be renewing my membership when my 2 week trial is up. If you have any websites that you'd like me to write a review of AgentMarketing.com for, please let me know.

    Joey Ellis, West Coast Mortgage
  • Agentmarketing.com has, by a long shot, the best customer service of any real estate related company I have worked with in the past and for that matter any company period I have had ever dealt with. The products are top notch and have really boosted my closed transactions with everything that is offered to gain and retain sellers and the tools to capture and stay in contact with new buyers. My ROI monthly with agentmarketing is higher than any other form of lead capture, marketing and advertising I use. This is not a paid testimonial nor are they giving me anything, I just want other agents to know how valuable this team is to adding to your income by getting more closed deals. Super powerful for lenders too! Lenders can provide a valuable service to their Realtor partners to gain them more business which swings back to the lender. I can't speak highly enough about agentmarketing.com

    Ryan Hill, Asset Real Estate
  • I have been in real estate for over 25 years and have been with just about all of the national companies along my career path. I am now a Broker-In Charge for BrandName Real Estate In South Carolina, which I joined 12 months ago to help with recruiting and growing the business. I stumbled across Agent Marketing one weekend nine months ago and was very impressed with its feature rich integrated abilities. We began implementing the system and went from recruiting about 4 agents a month back in April of 2016 to recruiting 37 agents in March of 2017. It is now April 6th and we have already recruited 7 agents this month. We have doubled the size of our Charleston SC office and tripled the size of our Columbia, SC office in the last 12 months. We attribute this growth primarily to offering our agents the Agent Marketing System for free. As Agents join our company and I give them a brief overview of the system and what it offers, they are blown away by the features included. It does not matter what national franchise they are coming to us from, they all say their old companies have nothing that remotely compares to what the Agent Marketing system provides them. Recruiting is important, but so is retention! We have lost less than 10 agents to other companies since implementing the Agent Marketing System. Not only is the system fantastic, the customer support is phenomenal! I have never had to wait when I call, and they are very knowledgeable and supportive. They are in the US, speak English and enjoy their job. We are very proud to offer Agent Marketing to our agents and feel this system enables our agents to offer their clients the best property marketing tools in the industry. Trust me, you want to offer this system to your agents before your competition does!

    Jessica Brand, BrandName Real Estate
  • I had questions about getting setup with Agent Marketing. I asked my question on live chat. I was very lucky getting Lisa Ake. She was very prompt is her response, with her email, and phone call! Her phone presence, bubbly personality, patience, and overall knowledge is second to none! You can be very proud to have Lisa as an employee. Having supervised of 500 corporate employees at one time, I would have used Lisa as a model for our customer service and community relations! Thank you Lisa! I had questions about getting setup with Agent Marketing. I asked my question on live chat. I was very lucky getting Lisa Ake. She was very prompt is her response, with her email, and phone call! Her phone presence, bubbly personality, patience, and overall knowledge is second to none! You can be very proud to have Lisa as an employee. Having supervised of 500 corporate employees at one time, I would have used Lisa as a model for our customer service and community relations! Thank you Lisa! I had questions about getting setup with Agent Marketing. I asked my question on live chat. I was very lucky getting Lisa Ake. She was very prompt is her response, with her email, and phone call! Her phone presence, bubbly personality, patience, and overall knowledge is second to none! You can be very proud to have Lisa as an employee. Having supervised of 500 corporate employees at one time, I would have used Lisa as a model for our customer service and community relations! Thank you Lisa! I had questions about getting setup with Agent Marketing. I asked my question on live chat. I was very lucky getting Lisa Ake. She was very prompt is her response, with her email, and phone call! Her phone presence, bubbly personality, patience, and overall knowledge is second to none! You can be very proud to have Lisa as an employee. Having supervised of 500 corporate employees at one time, I would have used Lisa as a model for our customer service and community relations! Thank you Lisa!

    Stephen Bomar, Loan Simple
  • Amy was by far the best customer support rep I have dealt with on many different medias. Thank you for having such wonderful staff!

    Doreen Santoli,
  • I was having a problem with my property linking to the Google street view. AgentMarketing noticed I had been on the same page for a while and 'chatted' asking if I needed help. After just a few minutes with Carolina, she not only knew how to find it and link it but she actually went ahead and did it for me! Awesome job! Best pricing on agent websites and always very helpful!

    Valerie Park, Burgan Real Estate
  • Thank you so much Lisa for helping me get enrolled and walking me through the fantastic site and services. You have gone above and beyond walking me through every detail. I will defiantly recommend your company to my fellow agents. The kind of customer service you provided is exemplary.

    Linda Gregory, RE/MAX 100
  • On behalf of Team Romano with Summit Funding, I have to applaud you and your team. Countless times I have really needed some tremendous help and you are always so kind, helpful, and upbeat. It is a pleasure having you by our side. Your office has a family feel to it and, I feel that when I go pick up our stuff from your office. It's incredible how much you do and I don't feel like a number to you. The welcoming smile at the entrance, the "go on back Taryn has your product for you", that level of comfort and certainty to make sure you affirm that I got all that I need. I LOVE IT!! We recently hosted an event with 57 Realtors and told them all about our relationship with Agent Marketing and how they can rest assure their listings WILL be seen by MANY!

    Tamara Romano, Summit Funding
  • Agent Marketing is a one stop miracle shop for all things marketing related for real estate agents. In today's market of millennial buyers the text signs are a vital source to my business and a great way to track and follow up with prospects. The quality of the items Agent Marketing [and The Sign Shop] produce is excellent. Furthermore, the customer service at Agent Marketing and [The Sign Shop] is stellar. Someone is always available by chat and their ability to customize your account for your specific business needs brings you much success. I am so thankful for this company and the tools they provide to grow my business and the wonderful support staff there to help when I need assistance in doing so. I truly appreciate all you do!

    Flory Team, RE/MAX Professional Group
  • AgentMarketing is the best value for the money hands-down. Every inquiry I've had for assistance with the website or marketing was responded to quickly and efficiently. AgentMarketing has a great product and backs it up with solid customer service. Keep up the good work!

    David Peck, Oregon First
  • After years in real estate, I recently partnered with a local lender in my area who introduced me to Agent Marketing. Looking to expand my business and establish more of a web and social media presence for my brand, I could not be happier with the marketing tools Agent Marketing has provided me. The easy-to-use technological features Agent Marketing incorporates into its site are comprehensive and effective in keeping me one step ahead of my competition. Moreover, the Marketing Makeover that Agent Marketing tailored for me and my brand has given my business the boost it needed. Most importantly, in an age of "customer no service," Agent Marketing's team of representatives, designers, and programmers is professional, knowledgeable, patient, courteous, and prompt when requiring guidance or support whether it be by phone, chat, or email. Agent Marketing has been just what my real estate business needed!

    John Leidenheimer, US Preferred Realty, Inc.
  • I have been thoroughly impressed with [AgentMarketing.com's] technologies and their overall understanding of marketing real estate. Their product has given our company a superior edge in our market. The web-sites are very professional but the simplicity it takes for my agents to create them are incredible. When it comes to technology, and more specifically web-based technology, hands down [AgentMarketing.com] is the only company you will want to deal with.

    Dave Bowman, Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.
  • Thanks to Carolina at Agent Marketing support, she was extremely helpful and responsive to my needs in getting my single property website up and running! Her patience and easy to follow instructions assisted me in a timely manner. Thank you Agent Marketing for having such fantastic customer support!

    The Byrnes Team, RE/MAX
  • AgentMarketing provides outstanding value to any listing agent. Outstanding system, graphics, extraordinary support. I can easily say that deciding to use AgentMarketing was my best decision of the year.

    Damian Czajka, Home Buyers Marketing II
  • I have been using the Agent Marketing system for the past 3 years to empower Agents to grow their business and take their business to the next level. Agents that use the Agent Marketing system are seen as "green fish" in a gold fish bowl. So unique and so confident are Agent Marketing Agents.. Agents are able to give Sellers marketing "results in advance" of signing the Listing Agreement. The longer an Agent stays in the business, the younger the Buyers look. The Agent Marketing system gives an Agent the ability to demonstrate that they are on the cutting edge of technology fully being able to post their client's Listing into 10 of the busiest Realty sites and at least 8 of the busiest Social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigs List, YouTube, Backpage.com, Google+ and Pinterest). I have had the priviledge of using this system to develop deep relationships with Agents by using the Agent Marketing tools to teach Agents: How To Win Every Listing Presentation using a KILLER Listing Presentation, How To Win Every Expired Listing, How To Win Every FSBO Listing, How To Post Their Listings Into 8 of the Busiest Social Media Sites, How To Get An Agent's Virtual Tour on Page 1 of a YouTube Search, How To Get An Agent's Listing Highly Ranked on GOOGLE Seaches, How To Get Their Client's Property Website INSIDE The Agent's MLS Listing...WOW! Any Agent that is serious about growing their business needs Agent Marketing tools!

    Glen Marino, Success Mortgage Partners, Inc.
  • Thank you! I love love love this site! I have turned my whole office on to it. You have a lot of business in Ojai, Ca. Even last week our top producing agent joined the site and is now using it daily! Thank you for having the exact tools we Realtors need and not wasting our time with a bunch of fluff! Your product really is the best out there! (I could be your spokes person I love your site so much!) Thank you very much!

    Tami Winbury, Keller Williams Realty
  • We live in world with a lot of subpar customer service. It's rare that I am impressed, and I wanted to let you know Andrea is awesome. Keep her employed!!!

    Amber Gunn, Austin Domain Properties
  • I want to send you a note with BIG GRATITUDE. You and your team at AgentMarketing are the best. Every time I call, you all make me feel like we've been friends for years... And not only that... you take care of my problems on the spot and have helped me get very familiar and comfortable with the system... Thank you for all you do... You're all AWESOME!!

    Tony Landaverde, SellSmart Elite Realty
  • I would like to take a moment and personally let you know about my satisfaction with your employees and product. I am very pleased with the help that I have received getting started with AgentMarketing.com, you have an excellent and knowledgeable staff. My Customer Care Representative is Erin who has been WONDERFUL with me, and has worked with me on addressing any questions or concerns I have had in using the AgentMarketing.comproduct in regards to my office's particular needs. She has demonstrated extreme patience with me as well as a very thorough knowledge of the AgentMarketing.com product. I also love the user friendliness of the program along with it's multiple features such as the Voice-Over & Spokesperson. Please take the extra time to compliment all those people (the rest of your staff) on a job well done and creating one very happy customer.

    Bradley K. Sollinger, Homestead Realty Inc.
  • I want to thank you for this amazing company for their continued support, ease of use and access, and flexibility. I would not be as happy and successful without this system. I recommend this to all lenders and realtors!

    Bethann Heming, HomeBridge Financial Services
  • Today I called into agent marketing to see if I could get some answers to questions I had about a particular issue. I was very lucky to be help by a member of agent marketing by the name of Lisa. Not only did she have every answer to every question, she opened my eyes to numerous tools we as a company have not been utilizing. Everything from what the 90 days to success is and can bring, to the weekly webinars on new features, to even taking the time to go into full detail about the new Marketing Makeover they offer. She showed me how valuable and unique these tools can be to really benefit our agents. With this new information and knowledge I can see how much more successful we will be with Agentmarketing.com I couldn't be happier and thankful for Lisa's customer service and overall helpfulness.

    Michael J. Hanf Jr., Evesham Mortgage, LLC
  • I love using AgentMarketing.com for my virtual tours. They provide a great photography source that is easy to use. The website allows me to add more pictures and details of my listings than what the basic MLS services has to offer. I use their email link to forward to agents as well as to invite open house guests. It is a great web tool to have as a Realtor.

    Jaime Connell, Coldwell Banker United, Realtors
  • Thanks to Christy and her [graphics] team for making my real estate world so seamless....... Love my new sign and flyers for my listings! #agentmarketingrocks

    Lauren Selinsky, CA Coastal Estates, Inc
  • I would like you to know how much I appreciate Marcel's time and effort she put in to helping do exactly what I needed done in creating my property business cards. I also like to recognize and comment on the patience Marcel had working with me on this project. Her interest to help me and her attention to detail were greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! PS: Lori from my office liked the cards so much she is calling you for an order and to use the same layout!

    Neal Cohen, Keller Williams Real Estate
  • Marcel rocks, and I owe her some cookies! I also funded a loan yesterday that is a house 5 doors down where my now new neighbor found my # on YouTube. Needless to say, that Realtor has been diving into your program ever since. LOL. We are doing a campaign use social media and mailers shooting them to a AM squeeze page. Love it man!! I've met so many Realtors that start off the first meeting with telling me how impressed they are. That of course they get calls from Loan Officers all the time, but chose to hear me out and sit down because she liked what we had to offer, and where we were going with it. It's 2014- and when you're 1st communication is a text code sent to their phone with THEIR listing on a mobile site their ears perk up and it grabs their attention. Like I said with Marcel, the staff has been phenomenal, and has made the biggest impact on my business than anything else that is out there. We've tried them all, and to be honest, what I've learned is Realtors (in general) are too busy and/or not very savvy on the PC. Agent Marketing is easy and industry leading quality that saves them time without sacrificing anything.

    Justin Richardson, Everett Financial, Inc.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work in such a timely matter. You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it! Everything looks great and I look forward to working with you much more.

    Dhyana Simmons, Nextage Premier Realty
  • Great attention from Amy. I'm tech challenged and she makes it very simple. Greatly appreciate it!

    John Valentin, Realty Empire LLC.
  • I just wanted to say that I worked in customer service for many years and I know what it takes to keep a customer happy. It takes people who are quick, responsive, knowledgeable and caring. They must show an overall willingness to get the job done and be problem solvers all working together for the common good. I must say that your team has more than exceeded my expectations! I'm a Realtor creating and printing up several different types of advertising materials through your company for the first time including Brochures, Post Cards & Flyers with several complicated set-ups. I worked with several people at your company and they not only all worked together but they worked together quickly and efficiently with a true sense of professionalism. They made the many adjustments I wanted to make each time with such swift efficiency that I would receive completed notifications before I was even done sending the rest of the group to them which to me says they are really well skilled at their jobs and very customer oriented. During my communications back and forth with your team, there was nothing but helpful and polite communications so not only do they know the skills of their trade but they also know how to marry that with excellent customer service! I look forward to doing a lot more business with your company in the future! Thank You!!!

    Tim Tinsley, Nextage Realty Solutions
  • As a Realtor with 26 years in the business I started 8 months ago to begin the process of finding and building the most kick-in-the-butt website. I must say I have paid and worked with more than ten different companies and when I hooked-up with the fine people at Agent Marketing, I soon learned there was a difference in the way this company operated. I signed up with Andrea and got started learning the plan and website options. Me being a bit of a Virgo type ( I know because I'm happily married to a Virgo), I had to get an answer for everything. When it came to getting the look I wanted I called in and talked with Christy one day. I shared my thoughts with her and she said, "Let me take a shot at this." and was I surprised. She custom built my web page overnight. I honestly think I'm in love with her. Check it out at AmazingTucsonHomes.com. My site rocks and Christy delivered. It is custom built and it does just what I want. When I wanted to change the map for the property search, Christy sent my wish list to the programmer types and they work up everything I wanted. Andrea has also been their fielding my questions as I went through the learning curve. One weekend, I even did an online chat with her when I got stuck on an issue. My work of looking for over eight months for a winning web platform has paid off. I credit all the fine folks at Agent Marketing for this cool, kick-in-the-butt website. I really like this group, they all rock out to a different beat than the others. I honestly appreciate all they have done for me at Agent Marketing.

    Bryan W. Welch, Realty Executives Tucson Elite
  • As a Realtor, marketing is incredibly important, but we sometimes do not have the knowledge or the tools to implement it properly and make our advertising work for us. Your company has provided a great platform for my listings to be marketed, and your help in guiding me through all the different and exciting tools and widgets that you offer has been invaluable.

    Mike Bryant, Artisan Sotheby's International Realty

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