Amazon to Bring Their Streamlined Touch to The Americana in Glendale


You know the pandemic cabin fever is bad when even Amazon wants you to leave your house. Now, the titan of e-commerce is taking it to the old school by offering their take on the brick-and-mortar experience. And it’s shaping up to be every bit the ultra-modern Amazon experience you would expect. Curious about what Amazon has in store (literally) for Amazon Style? Then keep your eyes on Glendale!

Amazon as a Physical Shopping Experience

Photo credit: Amazon Style

When Amazon goes brick-and-mortar, they go big. Amazon Style will present a 30,000-square-foot space showcasing their trendiest fashions. The colossus of convenience chose Glendale’s upscale Americana shopping center to debut Amazon Style later in the year. 

The Americana shopping mall hosts instantly recognizable top-tier shops like Apple, Sephora, and Urban Outfitters. Amazon may sound out of place in a physical marketplace due to its e-commerce history. It’s difficult to imagine leaving the house for your Amazon purchase, but you’ve maybe done just that without realizing it. That’s because Amazon Style is not the company’s first foray into brick-and-mortar shopping. 

The Americana already hosts Amazon 4-star, a shop specializing in introducing curated gadgetry to curious consumers. Perhaps you’ve visited Amazon Go, the company’s streamlined take on the classic convenience store. Amazon also got physical with what got them their start in the first place with Amazon Books. And let’s not forget their acquisition of WholeFoods

Amazon Style may be some shoppers first look at a brick-and-mortar Amazon shop. It’s not new ground for the giant, but it is its first waltz into physical fashion and lifestyle shopping. Thus far, you could only purchase their apparel through their e-commerce platform. It’s a bold move for a company that built its reputation delivering everything you wanted to your front door. 

Giving the Brick-and-Mortar Experience the Amazon Touch

Image credit: envato

The specifics of Amazon Style’s inventory are still a mystery. Yet, we know enough to envision a streamlined experience in typical Amazon fashion. Gone are the days of sifting through an overstock of unpopular sizes in search of that Holy Grail perfect fit. Amazon Style will have just a single sample of each item on display. Using QR codes and a proprietary app, you can select different sizes, colors, and other variants when available. While shoe stores have used this model for decades, Amazon Style will apply it to its full, diverse inventory. 

Requested products will be available for pickup at the counter or in one of the store’s dressing rooms. Touchscreen technology will be outfitted in these dressing rooms to provide the most state-of-the-art shopping experience. This use of space will allow Amazon Style to carry “more than double the number of styles” of the classic department store. 

High Fashion Goes High Tech

Photo credit: Amazon

But even as Amazon implores us to leave the threshold of our living room, the pandemic remains on our minds. Fortunately, the company has been implementing its contactless Amazon One software as much as possible in its brick-and-mortar locations. Amazon One allows users to pay for products, update loyalty programs, and more with just a wave of their palms. The company, regularly at the forefront of convenience technology, has found Amazon One to all but eliminate lines. Expect to grab that vegan croc handbag or comfy crew-neck jumper without slowing your stride. 

It may seem like Amazon Style is introducing us to a SmartStore devoid of human assistance. Yet, you’ll still find flesh-and-blood staff members ready to assist you. Human staff will handle stock layout, backroom tasks, and roles designed to improve the customer experience. All other tasks will be relegated to automated means.

Amazon hasn’t disclosed details on Amazon Style’s inventory, though there will be emphasis on apparel, shoes, and accessories. The store will no doubt be implementing a tightly curated selection, especially compared to their burgeoning online catalog. However, the megacompany teased that the fashions would be selected by “fashion curators and feedback provided by millions of customers” in addition to brands their customers “know and love.”