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Bathroom Remodel

Ok, so it’s been a REALLY long time since I posted about any home remodeling projects. We haven’t been doing a ton, just trying to survive life. However, Tyler has been slowly working on the bathroom. It’s not TOTALLY finished, but so dang close I wanted to share. It looks so much better! For those of you interested here’s what we’ve done and are yet to do.

Floor tile 
Shower tile 
Shower head
Shower curtain and floor mats 
Light fixture 
Recessed Medicine cabinet 
Tongue and groove ceiling 
Ceiling fan 
Toilet seat cover 
Stained vanity and new knobs 
Towel hooks 
Window and wainscoting trim 
Skim drywall and RE-texture
Floor trim 
Outlet cover
Fixed outlet (it was upside down)

Still to do: 
Make light in fan work 
New door and trim 
New vanity counter 
Install 4 ceramic shower shelves 
Window coverings/blinds

Hope this helps inspire my fellow DYI’ers although Tyler is a pro, I helped with some stuff along the way too. A big thank you to so many that gave us Home Depot gift cards or money to fix it up for wedding presents!! Hopefully, 2019 will have lots more remodeling projects coming soon!