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4 Surprising Ways Flood Damage Can Affect Your Life

The direct impacts of flooding include damage to homes and property, property destruction, loss of life, and even threats to health due to waterborne disease. If you’ve been the victim of a flood, it can traumatize you and your family for many years to come. It’s good to know and understand the different ways that a flood can affect you that you may not realize.

Waterborne Diseases

Natural disasters like flooding contaminate the waters by leading sewage systems to overflow and combine with floodwater. Standing water has a significant risk of giving you an infection, especially if the water sources have been compromised. Waterborne diseases can include hepatitis A, leptospirosis, cholera, and typhoid fever, among many others. Going through the water with any cuts or open wounds puts you at an increased risk of contracting one of these infections.

Financial Burden

Flooding can create a small or significant financial burden. If the waters only reached a couple of feet in your home, then your home is probably salvageable. You may have to tear out drywall, rip out carpets and hardwood floors, and have the house sterilized. Thankfully, you won’t need to rebuild in most cases. However, many people don’t have flood insurance, and they are forced to pay for the damages out of pocket. You may need to pay for a home that you can’t even live in anymore. Finding a place to live and still trying to repair the other house can be a devastating blow to your finances.

Lower Credit Rating

The first thing on your mind after a flood is not your credit, as you’re concerned about survival. However, if you're stuck with a home you can't live in and are trying to pay temporary rent on another place, it can easily strip your financial resources. You must monitor your credit during these times. Experts advise that you should dispute inaccurate credit reports. It's not uncommon for there to be errors or people even committing identity theft against flood victims. You can never be too careful when your good name and FICO score is on the line.

Emotional Toll

As if dealing with floodwaters isn't enough, all the destruction and turmoil around you can send your emotions into a tailspin. If you feel overwhelmed by all you need to do and the situation at hand, then you may need to talk to someone. Crisis management services and counseling can help you deal with this traumatic time.

There are many ways that flood damage can affect your life. Not only are there bacteria floating around in the water, but you may need to find another place to stay while your home is repaired. Lastly, your credit should be monitored for errors or any possible attempts at identity theft. Being aware of the risks can help you to manage the difficult times successfully.

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