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How to Solve Common Problems That Arise When Moving

While the new destination may be exciting, the actual process of moving isn’t that much fun. It’s hard work. It takes a long time, and there can be a lot of frustrating things that come up. This is only made worse if you are working on a tight deadline like starting a new job or new owners moving in. Here are three common problems with easy solutions.

Packing Fragile Items

A lot of the things you own are fragile. From high tech appliances to family heirlooms, these items are difficult and expensive to replace. If its worth is in its history, no amount of moving insurance will replace what is lost if things get broken. To protect your fragile items, you should place them in cushioned containers.

According to Grainger, styrofoam peanuts are a great option. You can also use crumpled newspaper or old blankets. As you package them, make sure that they don’t have room to shift and move around. At the same time, don’t pack them too tightly or the pressure might cause them to break. Avoid wrapping more than one object in a single blanket or sheet of newspaper. If multiple objects are wrapped together you increase the likelihood that they will be dropped when unpacking.

Moving Heavy Objects

Moving heavy items pose multiple problems. Not only is the lifting difficult, but you run the risk of damaging the object or hurting yourself. According to On the Move, moving heavy objects like pianos will require multiple people to communicate and work together. It’s best to use strong carts that allow you to easily push heavy objects. If this is not an option, use lifting straps. It is very important that you avoid bending your back to lift a heavy object. The strain on your back can cause severe damage to your spine. It is much better to bend at the knees and use your leg muscles to lift.

Small Children

Trying to move with small children can be very difficult! They get in the way and they’re likely upset about the move. You can solve both problems at once if you enlist the help of their friends. Talk to the parents of their playmates and ask them if they can go have a final playdate while you pack up. According to MilSpouseFest, not only will this get your small children out of the way, but it will give them a chance to say their goodbyes to their friends.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by moving. It’s hard work, but you should be looking forward to your new life in your new place. You can take some of the stress of your shoulders by hiring some professional movers or by asking your neighbors for assistance. You would be surprised by how many people are willing to help. Just offer cookies in return.

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