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How to Attract More Vacationers to Your Short-Term Rental Property

With the increase of daylight hours, and the gradual and sometimes erratic increase in temperature, one can feel that summer is slowly approaching, with its freedom and relaxation and time upon the surf. But it also raises other concerns, especially if you own a rental property that you rent out to vacationers during the summer. It’s time to start thinking about how you can attract more customers. But how do you make yourself stand out from among the competition?

Set Up Your Marketing Efforts

One thing that you can do is set up your marketing efforts. Make sure to be listed on sites where people frequent when looking for a vacation home. Make sure that you have good quality photos of everything that your tenants will see. You want to show them what you have to offer, and you want to make sure that it’s as clean and as well-maintained as possible. Hire a professional photographer or learn how to photograph your property yourself. You want to be honest in what you have, but also emphasize what makes you unique.

Focus on Features

Many people look for specific features with their vacation rentals. For example, they may want the property to be close to the beach, or they might want a pool and a deck. They might want their own refrigerator and microwave. Capitalize on the features that make your rental property unique. For example, showcase your pool in photos of your rental property. Make sure the photos are of good quality and are attractive for your tenants. The only issue with pools is that they require weekly maintenance, but having a pool is a feature that will set you apart from other properties that do not have one.

Offer Tours

Along with marketing, and focusing on the features your unique property has, offer tours of the property itself. Not everyone may come in for a tour before they schedule their trip, but some might be able to. And if people can’t come in for a real-life tour, offer to do a virtual tour, which will enable them to still experience the setting of your property from their own homes.

You can make your rental property unique and distinct from other rental properties in your area and attract more vacationers. Capitalize on what makes you unique and make sure to showcase your property so that vacationers will be interested.

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