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How to Prevent Your New Dog from Ruining Your House

Dogs often experience anxiety when left alone or new to the environment, so to combat the stress, they may start whining, pacing, and chewing your curtains, shoes, clothes, and even furniture. It is essential to deal with the problem before it gets worse, so here are ways you can protect your home from destruction by the new addition to your family.

Pet-Proof Your Home

It is exciting to bring home a new dog, but make sure you prepare your home beforehand. Protect your valuables from destruction by pet-proofing your house. That starts with putting away the items you do not want your pooch destroying. Also, pay attention to harmful things like curtain tassels and electric cords. Invest in no-chew spray to protect your furniture and use window locks, deadbolts, and baby gates to minimize the escape routes. Lock away the detergents, and consider purchasing a trash can that remains closed even if toppled over. You should use strong materials that are less prone to damage from dogs when pet-proofing.

Train Your Dog to Stay Calm

Teaching your dog to stay calm when you are away ensures that your home remains in excellent condition at all times. Leaving your dog alone for a few minutes is enough time for him to wreak havoc in the house. Leave the dog in an area you barricaded for a few minutes, then gradually increase the amount of time once he stays calm. Repeat the process until he acclimatizes to the location; you can then comfortably leave without worrying. Hide the guilt of leaving your dog behind because if he senses your anxiety, he will become anxious as well. Additionally, do not start snuggling your dog as soon as you come back to help them know they must wait and stay calm.

Give Them Toys

It is essential to keep your dog busy to channel the energy they have on something other than your possessions. Buy your dog a chew toy that will not only help fight boredom but will also be suitable for maintaining oral hygiene, relieving the pain of teething and offering maximum entertainment. The market is full of durable toys; all you have to do is to choose the ones you feel your dog will appreciate. Make sure the toys you purchase are also non-toxic and large enough to not be choking hazards.

It takes patience, understanding, and commitment to help your new pooch feel at ease even when you are not home. If your dog is having trouble while being alone, try one of these things to help make him more comfortable when you are away.

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