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What Homeowners Should Know About Living With Humidity

If one thing is true about the Sunshine State is that it’s humid. Residents who are new to Florida may not be accustomed to the wet air. This can leave you feeling sticky and can even damage your home if left unchecked. Although it's impossible to escape the humidity in Florida, you can take action to reduce its potentially harmful effects.

Don’t Let Moisture Build Up

Most people focus on reducing humidity in the areas where they spend the most time. However, areas such as the attic and roof collect that moisture, and if there are no tools in place to reduce humidity, mold and other issues can develop. Frequently check these places for signs of moisture and install a dehumidifier to reduce humidity. Remember to empty the tank so that it can do its job properly. Also, consider removing or replacing materials that allow humidity to build up. While carpeting holds onto moisture, stone tile is a better option in the bathroom and other rooms that can be humid.

Keep Your Home Ventilated

Your HVAC system removes moisture from the air, vents your home, and circulates cooler air to make your home more comfortable; however, you'll need to pay special attention to areas that may not have HVAC access, such as closets. Install a ceiling fan or use portable fans to keep air circulating.

Ventilation is especially important in the bathroom where humidity can build up, making exhaust fans that vent to the exterior important. Opening a window in your bathroom can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC. Turn the fan on before taking a shower and allow it to run for 30 minutes after you finish showering. Use the kitchen exhaust fan when cooking, too. Install a venting fan or open window for the laundry/utility room if it accumulates moisture. Line drying your laundry outdoors prevents your home from collecting more moisture from dryers.

Unexpected Humidity Sources and Solutions

Every step you take to reduce moisture in your home allows your HVAC to work less hard and leaves a bit more cash in your wallet. It’s also a good idea to only run your dishwasher at night when it's cooler, so you won't have to combat the moisture it adds. You should also consider planting plants that absorb moisture. Doing so will help decrease the moisture in your home.

The moisture that comes from humidity has several damaging effects, especially to homes. By taking the necessary steps to reduce the amount of moisture in your home, you can reduce your risk of damage as well as feel more comfortable at home.

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