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How to Mitigate Potential Threats to Your Property

Although your home is your safe haven, it also comes with its fair share of potential threats that can cause injury or significant property damaged. If you’re prepping your yard for the spring, you won’t want to forget to add yard safety protocols to your to-do lists. Here are a few tasks you should include on your list to mitigate threats to your property and increase your comfort.

Proper Landscaping

Overhanging tree branches pose dangers for any property. If they’re large enough, they can break off and damage cars, the roof, or even you. Unruly branches can get caught in power lines and cause power outages or even shocks. Branches that are low enough can entice kids to climb the tree. Weak branches could end up snapping, sending the branch and child tumbling to the ground. Be sure to have the branches trimmed on a regular basis to avoid these and other dangers.


If you live in an area where hurricanes or flooding are common, then you know how much of a threat water poses to your property. Some preparation is best saved until just before the event, like laying down sandbags to prevent flooding. Other preparations, like keeping tree branches and other objects that can float off the lawn, can be done anytime. Finally, you can prep the inside of your home as well by making sure that valuables are stored in the upper floors of your home where floodwaters are less likely to reach them.

Yard Lights

Adding motion sensor lights to your yard ensures that you never come home to a dark house. Dark yards are attractive to thieves, providing them with easy places to hide, and if you come home at the wrong time they could catch you unaware. Additionally, dark yards present a tripping hazard, especially to those unfamiliar with your property. Be sure to have plenty of lights installed along your walkways, near bushes, and at the doors. This decreases the risk of you or others tripping and falling in the dark.

Most accidents occur at home. That’s why it’s so important to remove any hazards from your house and yard. By doing so, you lessen your chances of someone getting hurt, making your home safer and more comfortable in the process.

Making your property safe is just one way to appeal to buyers. Contact us to see how we can help you make sure the right buyers see your listing.