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Spring Activities That Will Get You More Time in the Sun

The adjustment from winter to spring is here, and now that things are warming up you may find yourself wondering what kind of activities will get you and your family out in the Florida sun. While activities are more restricted now than usual, there are still ways you can get out and enjoy the spring air before the summer heat and humidity arrive. Here are some recommendations for things you can do to get more time in the sun this spring.


Gardening is a great hobby with the current COVID-19 restrictions, since it’s one you can do on your own from the comfort of your own yard. It’s fairly easy and very satisfying, in addition to being a simple and fun way to get outside. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from growing anything from plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables is a fantastic bonus. Just be sure to be careful with pesticides, as some pesticides can kill your plants if they can’t tolerate the chemical ingredients. At the moment it’s probably best to get information online or over the phone rather than in person due to social distancing recommendations. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.

Go Fish

Fishing is another great, relaxing hobby you can pursue, even with the current stay at home restrictions. There’s nothing quite like being on your own out in the Florida sun, relaxing on a lake with the sound of the water gently lapping at the shore, or fishing from a river listening to the sound of running water. Or if you prefer the seawater variety over the freshwater, the sound of the ocean and the smell of the salt. Florida offers thousands of miles and lakes that make for fantastic places to look for your catch of the day. Don’t forget the sunscreen, and make sure that wherever you choose to fish you practice social distancing.


One of the beauties of springtime in Florida is that it is not very hot or humid, nor is it usually very cold. This means odds are you’ll have perfect weather for getting out and enjoying Mother Nature and your local surroundings. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, going for a run, or riding a bike, as these fall under the category of essential activities you are still allowed to do under the state’s stay at home order. Current CDC guidelines recommend wearing a mask while out and about, so you might want to consider sporting some new headgear on your adventures.

Staying inside for extended periods of time can become tiring and lead to boredom, but getting outside brings physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits. With restrictions and recommendations changing frequently it can be tricky to know what’s allowed, but keep in mind activities you can do by yourself such as gardening, fishing, or getting out for a run, hike, or bike ride. May your spring be a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get some vitamin D!

Spending some time in a pool or hot tub is another great way to catch some sun. Be sure to check out these tips for pool and hot tub maintenance.