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What to Know if You Want to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida

Purchasing a vacation home is an exciting step to take in life. When you have a vacation home, you have your own personal getaway, available whenever you want to take a break from the daily grind. No more worrying about booking hotels or the awkwardness of staying in someone’s spare AirBnB bedroom. But before you take the leap, consider these three points.


You can only be in one place at a time. How will you keep an eye on your vacation home when you're away? Homes that aren't inhabited are more likely to need repairs. You might want to have a live-in caretaker while you're away. They could keep up the yard and make sure the plumbing, garage and utilities are used. If something needs fixing, a caretaker could do it quickly before it gets worse.

If a caretaker is not possible, you can install cameras around your home that can be checked from your phone or computer. If someone enters the police would be notified. You could put a sign in the front yard for an alarm company whether or not you really have the alarm installed in an attempt to frighten a would-be burglar. A property management company could check at prescribed times to make sure all is well and alert you if there is a problem.


A vacation home can be a way to reward yourself and your family for years of hard work and savings. Maybe you plan to live in it full-time when you retire. Maybe you want to pass it down to your children so it will stay in your family for generations to come. When you do decide to buy your vacation home, it's important to stay within your budget. Choosing a home that is too expensive will only put a burden on you. The hours spent relaxing could become extra hours at the office working to pay for a vacation home you are unable to enjoy.


Your vacation home in Florida could work for you when you are not there. It could bring in enough money in rental income to pay your mortgage. Many people rent out a room or their whole house on a weekly or other short-term basis. A property manager would be able to screen rental applicants, take care of cleaning and upkeep and take rent for you. With the passive income from renting it out, your vacation home could end up paying for your vacation.

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