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How You Can Help Keep Florida’s Beaches Clean

Littering is a huge problem when it comes to our public beaches especially in tourist areas. Not only is it unsanitary for people and unsightly but the wildlife suffers also. Take a personal pledge to help keep our beaches in Florida clean and attractive so everyone can enjoy them safely. Here are some ideas that you can include in your clean-up pledge.

Cut Plastic Use

Plastic is a part of our lives, but there is a difference between reusable plastic and single use. Our beaches are littered with single-use plastic that can be avoided. Water bottles, sandwich bags, fast food plastic containers, styrofoam, and plastic eating utensils should be left at home when visiting the beach. Take sustainable containers and utensils instead. Have a plan to take your trash with you when you leave the beach. Reusable bags have many uses and help you keep single-use plastic bags out of landfills and oceans where they can harm the environment.

Volunteer for Beach Cleanup

Our stewardship is vital to the health of this planet that sustains us. One way to exercise our responsibility is to volunteer to help clean the local beaches. You can involve other members of your family to join you in this effort. Check to see if there are groups in the area that meet regularly and join them. Take note of clean-up efforts in your area as well as around the country. Remember that each person involved makes a difference.

What to Bring to a Beach Clean-Up

Make a list of supplies that you will need when out on the beach. Items to include are a first aid kit, plenty of water, work or garden gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, bug spray, and sunscreen. Optional items include a hat, long sleeve shirt, towel, and a snack. If you have tools for picking up trash, bring them. Take before and after pictures to show your efforts.

The number one pollutant to our beaches is cigarette butts. If you are doing pickup with a group, you may want someone to bring a garden rake to lightly comb the dry sand, as people often bury the butts to extinguish them. Use a picker or gloves to handle them when removing from the sand.

Beautiful beaches and exotic marine wildlife are a part of Florida's heritage. Pledge today to help keep them in pristine condition.