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Top 3 Home Additions That Can Attract Families With Children

When people with children are looking for a home, they look for certain features that make life with children easier. These ideas usually center around giving the family more space either in an extra room, backyard or for storage. Here are three tips for making your home more attractive to people looking for child-friendly features.

Spare Bedrooms

A spare bedroom is essential for parents if they plan to live in a house with teenage children. It’s all right for young ones to share a room, but as they grow older, they value their own space. You may have space to add an extra room that you don’t need to use as a bedroom. However, parents will see it as an advantage if it can be converted into a bedroom later. According to Pine Tree Construction, if you have space, you could add a sunroom, home office or utility room. This would be useful to you and would look like an extra bedroom to a family.

Playground in the Backyard

This is a no-brainer. Creating a comfortable space in the backyard is a great attraction to parents and children. According to Celebrity Greens, padded playground surfaces made of synthetic grass require very low-maintenance and stay lush and green all year. Even if you don’t have children, you will enjoy the attractive backyard ground cover and it will add value to your home for families because parents will see it as a fantastic feature for playground equipment.

Child-Friendly Storage

It’s not always easy to teach children to keep their rooms neat, but a storage area that is convenient for small children goes a long way to make it happen. According to Pottery Barn, low drawers that open and close smoothly and shelves that are easy to reach are two ways to make it easier for children to put away their clothes and toys. Items such as low built-in tables or dressers with drawers underneath work well, and parents can add colored baskets on top to hold even more toys and games. These are a few ways to brighten up a child’s room and keep it neat.

If you are making changes and upgrades to your home in the hope of attracting families, these child-friendly additions are not expensive but are very desirable for people who live with young children.

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