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What to Know as You Remodel Your Home


Remodeling some, or even most of a home is pretty common among homeowners who are preparing to sell their properties. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do or that every remodel will be successful. If you want to have a positive remodeling experience, there are some things you need to know first.

It’s Easy to Go Over Budget

Most homeowners have a limit on how much they can afford to spend on remodeling their homes. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to go over your remodeling budget. Sometimes the cost of materials increases and you have to cover the extra expense. 

Other times you might uncover unexpected problems that need to be addressed before the remodel can continue. You can reduce your risk of going over your budget by building a buffer into it. Set aside 10%-20% of your budget to cover unexpected expenses.

Watch Out for DIY Dangers

Choosing to tackle certain remodeling projects yourself can be a good way to lower costs and stay within your budget. Taking the DIY approach works well for some projects like updating simple fixtures or repainting your walls. It’s not a good idea for other projects though. 

Anything that requires special training or tools to complete, or is dangerous, should be left to the pros. If your project involves electrical work, don’t DIY it. Electricians have procedures they follow to avoid dangers that DIYers aren’t equipped for. Plumbing and roofing projects are similar–leave them to the pros.

Not All Remodeling Projects Have the Same Impact

What are you trying to achieve by remodeling your home? Many sellers use remodels to increase their home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Choose your remodeling projects wisely, taking into account what you’re trying to accomplish. Opt for projects that bring your home in line with buyer expectations and those that have a good ROI

Remember, the project doesn’t necessarily have to appeal to you to be a good idea.

If you choose to remodel your home before selling it, make sure you have a plan in place for how to make it work. While even the best plans don’t always account for every potential situation that might come up, good plans go a long way toward keeping your remodel on track and running smoothly. That way you can move on to the next part in the process of selling your home.

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