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How to Keep Your Patio Dry in the Wet Florida Climate

One of the best parts of living in Florida is the ability to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors nearly any time of the year. However, with all this warm weather also come frequent rainstorms, often hindering your ability to enjoy your patio. Here are three ways to keep your patio dry in the wet Florida climate.


Enclose Your Patio

There is a reason why the enclosed sunroom is so popular in Florida homes. Not only does an enclosed patio keep out all of the bugs that call the Sunshine State home, but it also keeps your outdoor furniture dry. In addition, an enclosed patio will keep you cooler on those hot and humid summer days. If you already have a patio in place, it is fairly easy to enclose it and make it a sunroom. This will make this area of your home a natural extension of the indoors, giving you protection from the elements while you still enjoy the beautiful Florida weather.

Proper Care and Maintenance

It is not always possible to enclose your patio. In this case, it is important that you take the proper steps to keep your furniture in good condition despite the weather. Make sure to follow basic cushion care so your patio furniture lasts longer in the elements. You can also choose patio furniture made with materials that are better able to stand up to wet conditions. Teak and aluminum are popular construction materials for this purpose. There are also cushions that are better suited to repel water rather than soaking it in. Lastly, investing in furniture covers is also a good idea if you are worried about how to take care of your patio furniture.

Invest in a Patio Cover

If you cannot completely enclose your patio, a simple overhang will do a sufficient job in keeping the area relatively dry in most moderate rain conditions. When selecting the materials and construction method to use, be sure to choose something with a drainage system so that the water does not collect on top of the cover. Too much water with nowhere to go will eventually cause the cover to erode or even possibly collapse under the weight.

You can't control Mother Nature, but you can take steps to protect your patio during the rainy season. This will allow you to get outside more and enjoy the benefits of living in Florida.