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4 Tricks to Give a Property a Modern Aesthetic

The term “modern” refers to a style popularized around the turn of the 20th century. Featuring simplistic, clean designs that also heavily incorporate natural themes, modern style uses monochromatic or contrasting palettes of white, grey, or earthy colors. Modern styling has remained a popular theme for homeowners ever since it’s popularization. Here are some tips on how to give the exterior of your home a modern touch.

Foliage Finesse

Foliage and greenery are always excellent ways to spruce up and give life to a property. Trees, bushes, shrubs, and other plants enliven boring spaces and create a modern appeal. Use simple, single color pots with clean lines that match or contrast with your main home coloring. Trees can be boxed in with a simple square or circular pattern around the base. Shrubbery is generally cut in even lines, often to emphasize height. Alternatively, a cleanly rounded top also fits the aesthetic.

Update Your Front Door

A modern style front door is a quick and easy upgrade. Emphasize natural wood patterns, or paint in a single color. Earthier tones such as brown or grey are common, but a bolder look can be achieved with a yellow or orange as well. Windows in a modern style door will be rectangular or squared. However, window placement can be varied, with different numbers used to create sharp linear patterns being a popular choice.

Playing With Pavement

There are multiple factors to determine the life of your driveway. The material used and the condition it is in will play a key role in determining how to potentially update the look. A simple gravel or crushed shell driveway fits in with the natural aspect of the modern look, is cheap and easily maintained, but can be rough and is not usable for other purposes. The solid black look of asphalt is another popular modern style choice. Maintenance isn’t particularly difficult, but it is needed more often than sturdier concrete options. A popular option for a modern look with concrete is using stamp designs to add some lines and style to an otherwise drab slab.

Window Treatments

Updating your exterior window treatments to focus on a clean and simple look goes a long way. Strip off garish shuttering for smart trim. Use natural wood, or paint it to match or contrast your main exterior color. Adding block style rectangular window planters allows you to add to the natural dynamic while still keeping the clean look. Avoid extra decor, arches, curves, or patterned window screens.

The modern home aesthetic is all about being simple and clean. Despite the name, modern style is unlikely to fall out of favor, but rather will provide lasting value to your property. Investing in modern design elements is an excellent way to update and enhance your property.