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The Main Types of Home Buyers on the Market

When selling your home, you have several types of buyers you may potentially sell to. Before you sell, you might want to take some time to learn more about these buyers. Some are easier to work with and others provide you with a better experience. Knowing more about buyers can help you know who to look for. 


Perhaps the most common buyers you’ll see are families. These buyers are simply looking for their next home; yours might be it. When working with a family, you know upfront what their motivation for buying the home is. You can talk through their expectations and you can cater to what they’re looking for in a home. 

In most cases, they are looking for comfort, affordability, and room for their family. When selling to a family, it’s like the process will be a little long. They may take some time to really consider making an offer or settling on a price. Additionally, you will have to wait for them to get approved for a mortgage before moving on. 


While some people buy homes to have somewhere to live, others buy homes to make a profit. One type of investor you might encounter is the house flipper. These buyers will purchase a home, repair/update it, and then sell it for more than what they paid. You may also find someone who’s looking to own a rental property. They’ll purchase your home and then make an additional income by renting it out. 

Working with investors can be more fast-paced and it can even make things easier for you. If you find a cash buyer, you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs. Many cash buyers will purchase homes as is. Additionally, cash sales go much faster and you can sell your home in 30 days or less. 

Generational Buyers 

The housing market is full of buyers across all age groups. Understanding different generations can help you know how to market to certain groups and how to work with them. For younger buyers, such as millennials, you can expect individuals who are buying their first home. They will likely need more reassurance and communication throughout the process. Older buyers, like baby boomers, are likely looking to downsize and they want to keep things simple. 


Knowing who you’re selling to is important. It helps you to market to specific groups and it helps you know what to expect during a sale. These are just a few examples of buyers you might come across. It’s worth it to do some research before you sell. 

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