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3 Tips for Protecting Your Florida Dream Home

Perhaps you've dreamed of this day for years, made regular visits during your vacations, splashed in the ocean and napped in a hammock, appreciated the mild winters and longed for the time you could just move here. Well, you’ve made it. After a long time and a lot of hard work, you have finally been able to purchase your dream home in the Florida sunshine. Before you throw that big party, however, here is the next dominant question you'll have to answer: How do you fully protect it? Here are three tips for you to consider.

Weatherproof Your Home

While there is no question that Florida has its share of remarkable natural beauty, the old adage that every rose has its thorn rings true in this locale as well. Florida homeowners often experience natural disasters, flooding, and even sinkholes. Due to fluctuating weather conditions, it's important to do what you can to keep your home protected from the elements. Focus your attention on sealing your home from moisture. Mataverde recommends installing rain screen wood siding with climate-shield technology. You can find options that compliment the look of your home while providing necessary protection. You should also focus attention on your roof, ventilation system, and home foundation. These steps will help to give you a fighting chance in the tumultuous Florida climate.

Security Systems

The next thing you can do to promote security would be to deter burglars with a security system. According to AMP Smart, suburban homes are 50% more likely to be burglarized than homes in city centers because they are located in low traffic areas and have easy access to every side of the house. 65% of the time, a home is burglarized during daytime hours when the owners are more likely to be away. The perpetrators are criminals, and most of them are experienced and skilled at this nefarious activity. However, you can stop them dead in their tracks with a solid home security system.

Get a Sound Home Insurance Policy

Due to its propensity for dangerous storms, flooding events, and sinkholes, this state has more expensive home insurance rates than any other in the country does. However, you'll want a good policy to preserve your investment. Upnest always recommends shop around for the best insurance deal and do your homework before making a commitment. Moreover, going with an independent insurance agent can often introduce you to better, more cost-effective insurance deals.

You worked hard for your piece of paradise, and we hope you enjoy it. Keep these tips in mind to help ensure that your Florida experience remains bright.

Looking to buy a home in paradise? You couldn’t find a better real estate market than in the Florida Suncoast. Contact me with any questions you have!