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How to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Neighborhood

Making your home stand out from the street means that you need to focus on the "face" of the structure. Features such as landscaping, paint choices and lighting can brighten the face of your home. In addition, these features of your home should be in line with the rest of your neighborhood.

Invest in Front-Yard Landscaping

In addition to keeping the lawn mowed and the flower beds mulched, consider hiring a tree-trimming service to keep shrubs in good shape and prevent branches from rubbing on the house. This can also increase the security of your home by eliminating shadowy spots around your house. Take care to allow for proper drainage and keep your gutter spouts in plain view to demonstrate that the foundation is well-protected against damp. Finally, as Worx suggests, make sure to trim along walkways and flowerbeds to keep your front yard looking sharp.

Pick the Right Color Scheme

Try to stay within a similar color scheme to the rest of your neighborhood. If most of the houses are tan with ivory trim and doors, don't paint your door a bright shade. If you feel the space needs a temporary pop of color, consider adding a seasonal item, such as a brightly painted plant pot or a piece of furniture that you can remove when you show your home. According to Mike Roberts Construction, people that make their home too quirky or bold for their neighborhood have a hard time selling it later. Instead, make sure that the front of your home is defined by tidiness and quality workmanship.


According to Garden Light Shop, adding custom lighting to your home, both in the front yard and backyard, can be a great way to define your home and boost security. In addition to walkway lighting, consider adding lights to some of the trees or rainbow lighting to one garden area so that you have visual interest all year-round. If you have shrubs along the front of the house, consider installing lighting that will illuminate the area between the shrub and the foundation. Those lights will brighten the house and increase security.

A tidy front yard is a great indicator of a well-cared-for house. By maintaining an orderly landscape, using a paint scheme that matches your neighborhood and adding lights that brighten the face of your home and increase the security around your front door, you can increase your chances for a quick sale at your asking price.

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