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8 Ways to Customize Your New Home Inside and Out

The purchase of a new home is often associated with some of the most rewarding feelings that people will ever experience. However, many new homeowners have purchased homes that were suited more to the family that lived there before them. The family who will now call the property home will now spend the next few months imagining what each room could become. There is no reason to fret about this situation. The eight customization tips below will cause your home to feel as if it was built specifically with you and your family in mind.

Repaint Your Rooms

You can add depth and eliminate what you may believe to be the decorating sins of the previous homeowners by adding a fresh coat of paint to each room. Painting is one of the most common DIY projects performed by homeowners and you will not need any special expertise to freshen up a room in your home. Neighbors who visit your home may associate it with the past homeowner if the color in the main living space is the same after you take over the property. It is a good idea to change the color of any rooms where you are likely to entertain your new neighbors. You should clean the surface you will paint before taking a brush to the wall. You should also repair any small defects and use primer on the wall's surface if needed. If you plan to paint the ceiling of the room, this should be done first to eliminate any damage from dripping paint. Baseboards and trimming should be painted last.


The property on which your home was built is just as much a part of your residence as any area inside the home. Whether your yard is only a few square feet or contains acres of land, adding a personal touch to its landscaping will work to establish an identity for your home. The customization possibilities for your yard are limited only to your imagination. There are many landscaping ideas that range from creating an outdoor entertainment space to simply providing a visually appealing look that can help inspire your customization efforts.

Improve the Smell

Your house will not feel like home to you and your family if the smell is not pleasant to you. The good news is there are a number of ways you can produce the aromas you desire inside your home. In addition to the variety of air fresheners, you can use to improve the smell in the house you purchase, incense and candles are available to both add good scents to your home and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Another point to keep in mind is the smell of baked goods will always produce the feelings of comfort you want in your home.


Many people are aware of the comfort provided by sleeping on a freshly made bed in a room free of clutter. This is because it is difficult to be completely comfortable when things around you are untidy. Keeping a clean house for you and your family will go along way at creating the cozy feeling of home you desire. The condition of the physical space around you is a good indicator of how you feel. Keeping your home clean and fresh will help you be much more relaxed when spending time at home.

Hang Art

Some homeowners wait a while before they start placing artwork on the walls of their home. However, there are definite benefits to doing so as soon as you move into a home. More than one study has proven the relaxing effects of looking at the artwork. You will also feel more at home surrounded by works of art that you have chosen yourself. The art you hang will imprint your individual personality on the space in which the artwork is placed. If you do procrastinate a little before fully decorating your home, be sure to at least hang a few pieces that have significance to you upon moving in.

Make It Green

Flowers and plants are just as effective at boosting the moods of you and members of your family as your favorite piece of artwork. A well-coordinated collection of fresh blooms and greenery in your home will provide space with a snug and comfortable feeling. Do not worry if you do not possess the skill or inclination for hard to grow plants and flowers. The simplest members of the plant world will be enough to accomplish the effect you desire. You can also use mason jars to pot herbs and place them near windows in your kitchen or purchase fresh flowers to place on the dining room table once a week.

Bring Home a Pet

The surge of additional love a pet can provide is a perfect way to make a home your own. A pet is capable of improving your health, as well as, bringing joy to your home. In fact, dogs have demonstrated the ability to lower blood pressure, reduce levels of stress, and improve feelings of social support in multiple studies. It will take a little work to properly take care of a pet but the feeling of being greeted each day with the unconditional love that only a loyal pet can offer will definitely make you feel you are in a home of your own.

Build Your Own Spa

Homeowners who want to feel pampered and relaxed can take a little direction from a place that was designed to produce these feelings. Your home spa should be specifically designed for your comfort and can include candles, aromatherapy, fountains and gentle lighting. A well-designed home spa may cause you to never want to leave your home.


Your home should mean more to you than a place to rest or sleep at the end of a busy day. You can design warmth and coziness into the home and benefit from these feelings when you spend time in the space you created for yourself. Simply put, the more things you surround yourself with that make you feel good, the more the house you purchase will begin to feel like home.

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