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If You Work in One of These 5 Fields, You Should Move to Florida


When most people think of Florida, they think of amazing weather, sunny beaches, famous landmarks, delicious food, and great hikes and trails. However, there are also excellent financial reasons why Florida may be an attractive place to live. For starters, the strong economy and job market make moving to Florida a practical and lucrative career decision. In addition, since Florida makes most of its state revenue from its statewide tourism industry, Florida residents do not pay state income tax. This means residents can keep more of each paycheck for themselves. If you are considering making a move for your career or searching for a job change, the following are several of the fastest-growing job fields in Florida.


There is a strong demand for statisticians in Florida. In fact, statisticians are one of the top ten fastest-growing occupations in Florida. Statisticians use numerical data and formulas to solve problems in many industries from government to industry to education. They may also design methods and experiments to collect data. Most statistician jobs will require a master’s degree. According to Indeed, the average salary of a statistician in Florida is roughly $70,000 with a higher than average job growth rate for the next 10 years.


As with most healthcare occupations, nursing jobs are expected to grow faster than average. Florida, in particular, has a high demand for healthcare practitioners, especially nurses with a bachelor or master’s degree with a specialty focus from an accredited program. According to Independence University, with a BSN even more advanced career opportunities open up, such as nurse supervisor and nursing care manager. With no state income tax and an increasing population of retirees, nursing opportunities in Florida are expected to increase strongly in the next decade.

Physician Assistant

Becoming a certified physician assistant is one of the paths for a relatively stable healthcare career in Florida. While the majority of all healthcare careers are expected to grow steadily in the country over the next ten years, the physician assistant career is one of the predicted fastest growing healthcare occupations within the state. According to Gap Medics, physician assistants are expected to have obtained a master’s degree.

Web Developer

A web developer is one of the top 20 fastest-growing job fields in Florida. The educational requirements of a web developer can range from a high school degree to a master’s degree in computer science. Web developers with advanced degrees can advance to become project managers in their field. 

Construction Worker

Occupations in construction range widely from road buster to project manager and its wages range just as wide. As an occupation, on the whole, construction jobs make up five of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in Florida. As a tourist state, Florida is expected to keep up with its growing market for housing, lodging accommodations, roads, and other facilities.

With a strong economy and lower cost of living compared to other large cities in the United States, such as San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., or Los Angeles, Florida may be the career jump that you need. Of the top 50 U.S. cities with the highest cost of living, only Miami (11th) and Fort Lauderdale (21st) made it onto the list. If you are searching for a job offer and are willing to relocate, let the many benefits of living in Florida speak for themselves.