Step 4 - Research Senior Options for Your Parents: Do Your Homework B

Step 4 - Research Senior Options for Your Parents: 
Do Your Homework Before 
Any Decisions

The dizzying array of senior options present the best case for why you have to start the conversations with your aging parents NOW. Before there is a crisis, you have time to research all the options and requirements.


You'd Rather Wait?

Most of us would rather wait if things are going fine. We’ll keep putting off talking about the subjects that seem touchy or difficult.

Having plenty of time to understand all the choices before you is the best gift that you can give yourself, your aging parents and your extended family.



Senior options can be overwhelming. Your mom can’t live alone any more. You just want to find a nice place where she can move. But it’s not that simple.

Every option for seniors has its own unique way of defining the choices that are available to you. Each area of life for senior citizens also has a complex web of federal, state, county and local regulations that apply.


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Coming soon- List of options from Aging in Place to Continuous Care Facilities- 

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