Step 3 - Become a Detective: Investigate Senior Issues and Avoid Assu

Step 3 - Become a Detective: Investigate Senior Issues and Avoid Assumptions

The senior issues that your aging parents have will continue to multiply. It’s often tempting, as the pressures build, to want to jump immediately into action. You want to fix it. Solve the problem. Move on.


Not so fast.

Jumping to conclusions and imposing a solution may actually make the situation worse. Imagine walking into an auto repair shop and complaining that your car is making noises. Then someone rushes in and starts fixing “something” and gives it back.

You would be horrified.



You expect them to take their time. To look under the hood and check out several possibilities. Of course an experienced mechanic will have a reasoned assumption of what the problem could be. But that hunch is actually only a guide of where to look first.

Even if you walked into the shop and told them exactly what you think is wrong, and they fixed that without any further questions or examination, you'd still probably be upset. Thorough investigation is essential.

It's the same with your elderly parents. You notice they are forgetting things, and IMMEDIATELY make the assumption that have Alzheimers. Not so fast. There are many causes for memory loss -- like poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, or medications that are interacting poorly. Even emotional states like grieving or stress can take a toll on memory.

So you'll want to take a slow and measured approach to any issue that you discuss with your elderly parent.


Become A Detective

Practice the same habits that you'd expect from an excellent doctor or outstanding detective. There are some do's and don’ts to discover the root causes of any senior issue that may present itself.

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