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The Great Flood of '13

Ernie was doing a great job of keeping an eye on Cindy and David's home while it was vacant. He would regularly stop by to make sure that everything was in place and in order.

One very cold evening on the way home he decided that he should drop in to check on things. When he opened Cindy and David's front door he heard a noise that was completely out of place. A rushing sound was sweeping through the rear of the house. You know... that pleasant sound that lulls you to sleep through the open window at the cabin by the lake.

Wait a minute! This is not a cabin by the lake! It was a house in the desert! Ernie, clad in his black kangaroo boots that he wore to our wedding (maybe that is why he was so "jumpy" at the ceremony) raced to the master bedroom. He was greeted by a raging river. OK, it wasn't a river but it was a huge amount of water that was flooding down the hallway and in the master bedroom and bath.

The shut off valve! The shut off valve! Ernie ran to the front, the sides, and the back of the house, searching in vain to locate the water's shut off valve. He called the former owner Mike to see if he knew where it was located. Mike raced over like a true super hero, without the cape, and turned off the water. The two men waded back through the house to survey the damage.

Ernie's next move was to call Cindy and David in Maryland to tell them the "exciting" news. Groggily, Cindy answered the phone and was abruptly jarred into a state of alertness. The next day Cindy and David flew in to Tucson to survey the damage and arrange for repairs.      

And that is another episode of when friends become clients.