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Working with the "Baume Squad" ~The Art of Interpersonal Relations

When Friends Become Clients and Clients Become Friends

Above all, the most important element in real estate is COMMUNICATION. You can know every rule and regulation in the housing industry, be a pricing specialist, compile professional Comparable Market Analyses, and hold a great open house but ultimately the one skill that matters first and foremost is to keep the lines of communication open with all parties involved in the real estate experience.

We as the Baume Squad pride ourselves in communicating with our clients each and every step of the way. If you are a first time home buyer, we will meet with you to explain the comprehensive buying process. Even you are purchasing or listing your 10th home, we will stay in communication with you, keeping you informed at all times, listening and responding to your feedback.  We also are very attentive to other realtors, lenders, and all other parties involved in the transaction so that everyone is always kept aware of the current circumstances

What does this result in? Happy, satisfied clients! In fact we are so involved with clients that many of them have become our dear friends. And speaking of friends, they are some of our best clients. Let's start with friends who have become clients.

When Friends Become Clients - The Story of Cindy & David and Barb & Mike

Barbara met Cindy when they resided in a dormitory at the University of Maryland. They became fast friends and stayed in touch long after Barbara had moved to Tucson.

Cindy and David visited us in Tucson twice, ten years apart, and were enchanted by the magic of the Sonoran Desert. Their third trip out, many years later, was to find a home for retirement. They hired Barbara and Ernie to be their Realtors.

It was August 2011. The desert was enduring its brutal summer scorching. But Cindy and David wanted to experience Tucson's heat to make sure that they would truly be able to make the Old Pueblo their retirement home. So the four of us set out on our house hunting journey. We had two days to find Cindy and David a home. Upon Ernie's recommendation we toured our friends Barb and Mike's home. They are friends from the good ol' Little League days. Barb and Mike were going to be listing their home with us in six months but our intuition told us that this would be the perfect home for Cindy and David. Now, David is an engineer who leaves no stone unturned. He visually inspected Barb and Mike's beautiful home from top to bottom. He couldn't find a flaw (although he tried his best).

During the next two days we proceeded to look at many more homes. At the end of the second very long, very hot day Barbara asked everyone what their first choice was. We all responded House #1, Barb and Mike's home. Then she inquired which home was their second choice. We all looked at each other blankly. And then one by one each person each responded, "There is no second choice. That is the house!"  

So Cindy and David purchased Barb and Mike's house. Barbara and Ernie represented both sets of friends in the transaction, Cindy and David as Buyers and Barb and Mike as Sellers. The transaction, conducted both locally and long distance, went smoothly. And Buyers and Sellers became friends.

Ernie kept an eye on the vacant home for the 18 months after Barb and Mike moved out and before Cindy and David relocated to Tucson. And there were a few surprises....But that's another story....stay tuned!