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Real Estate Investing Part 1

Have you been to a Real Estate Investing Seminar? Did they direct you on how to Invest in Real Estate? If you have been to one of the many seminars, that are most interested in you investing in their system, you are among the majority. In actuality Investing in Real Estate does require systems. Just not the type you have to buy. Your first step instead of spending your time in a rah rah session is to schedule an appointment with a Real Estate Agent that has the tools and systems to help you become a successful Real Estate Investor. Your meeting should last about an hour and by the end of it your agent will have a full understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. 

One of the first things your  agent will want to discuss is what your Buying Criteria is.  This will probably start with what you are trying to accomplish with your Real Estate Investing. There are different strategies if you are looking to buy and Sell or if you are looking to Buy and Hold for income. Once that is accomplished your agent can begin to search for properties that fit your Specific Criteria. Then your Agent would meet with you and begin touring properties that fit your needs and Criteria. Once a property is found that fits your Criteria on paper the real work begins. This is because once you find a property that you are interested in you and your agent will evaluate the property and see if once you get deep into it that it will fit your Criteria. Once it is decided that the property fits your needs and Buying Criteria then the next step begins. That is how you want to buy the property. That will be discussed in Part 2: If you have any specific questions on the Buying Criteria, just drop me a note. Thanks