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Reasons Why I Love Southern Maryland / Video!

As written on my homepage, "Southern Maryland is more than my region of employment; it's where I've taken up full-time residence with my family." That paragraph goes on to explain all the ways that I love the bottom of this beautiful state, but it doesn't do the justice that professional HD video can. That's why I've had one produced!

Steve Nahaj, my videographer, had a blast putting this piece together. He spent part of a weekend cruising down country roads, grabbing shots of Amish farmers and wide open fields. Speaking of farmers, he stopped by the popular Farmer's Market on Three Notch Road and took a few shots there before leaving with a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Speaking of fresh, he also met with Tim of Saturday's Choice Seafood in Lexington Park. Speaking of----- well----- how about I just let you watch the video?

My hope is that, not only will you be entertained watching this, but that you'll catch glimpse of why Southern Maryland is a fantastic place to live or visit for a short while. For those of you who already live here, what are your thoughts? Does my compilation resonate? Feel free to comment below!