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The latest update on our 21 day flip!

What is the best part of flipping a house????     The actual closing date, and the moment you get confirmation that the wire was successfully processed!  smiley  

This picture was taken this past Monday the 8th, we were saying good bye to our hard work, but very proud of our accomplishments and knowing that the new owners are getting a beautiful new home!  We had just cleared out all the staging furntiture and decorations, and we closed yesterday, ending this 21 day flip project.

What's next you ask?  Well we hope to continue this adventure.  Although, this one went very smoothly, there were lessons learned, so the next one will be even better, faster, and more profitable!

The first Tuesday of every month, there is still an antiquated process of selling foreclosed homes on the actual steps of the Williamson county court house.  Yes, those steps do get hard after sitting on them for a couple of hours.  This was our second educational outing for the year, making sure we fully understand the overall process, learning what homework we need to do ahead of time, and most importantly getting advice from the long time pros.

Hope to be blogging about the next project very soon!  If you know of any potential properties that would be a good candidate, we will pay cash.  Any questions contact me via my website: www.kirk-moore.com , or email me at KirkMoore.LLC@gmail.com .