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Dear Lender



This is my first blog post ever, so bear with me while I navigate this new world. 


Dear Lender,


My trust is fickle. I am flighty. I have no qualms in cheating on you with another lender. I don't expect to be your only realtor, so don't expect to be my one and only lender. Sometimes, I have to consider buyer/lender personalities.  Sometimes, I'm considering past transactions. It's always about my buyer and the experience. Period. I occasionally send out feelers to new lenders because I always want to make sure I'm offering up the best to my clients, should they ask for input.


If we haven't yet worked together, understand that I am not going to send an easy one your way right off the bat. Anyone can close those, and frankly, you haven't earned it. If I'm reaching out about a more difficult loan, maybe one with credit challenges, or a low budget, I'm testing your willingness and absorbing your response. If I sense fear, hesitation, reluctance... anything but willingness to help, I'll drop you like a hot potato. Show me that you can be stellar with these and the easy ones will follow. If I sense the challenging ones are beneath you or not worth your time? Guess what, I have to take that at face value, and will move on. I never want one of my buyers to feel lesser than. I want their experience to be positive, encouraging. I don't necessarily expect you to work with someone that needs credit repair, but when you send them on their way, give them some resources and let them know they can do it, for goodness sake. Do you understand that you can singlehandedly burst someone's dream of home ownership by being negative and dismissive?


Once we are under contract, TALK TO ME. I want updates, even if it's just to say you have no updates. If there are problems, tell me as they arise. I understand sometimes things just happen. Sometimes (often), it's even the buyer's fault or due to external factors. I get this and am willing to work with this as long as communication channels are kept open. In fact, there's nothing I appreciate more than open and honest communication. Tell me like it is. No last minute surprises. These things aren't deal breakers to me, but the way obstacles are handled can be. If it's your fault, just say so. I can respect that. Don't pass the buck.

The awkward coffee meetings? Let's just not. Unless we're already friends, in which case, yes, let's have a shop talk/brainstorm session. I can't guarantee I'll have business to send your way soon, but it's no reflection on you as a person!

Finally,  these musings have nothing to do with anyone in particular or any transactions I'm currently involved in. They've been rattling around in my brain for some time and they've finally escaped! I happen to work with some amazing lenders. We couldn't do this business without you, and wouldn't want to! Thank you for all you do.

Peace out.