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Buy A Home Zero $'s Out Of Pocket

Actually, Yes... You can buy a home with zero dollars out of your pocket, but is it worth it. Wait a minute, Jim you just said it could be done, why wouldn't it be worth it. Well, as with all things that sound too good to be true, this also has a down side. The fact is, that during the purchase process, things do cost money. We all know about those closing cost, attorney fees, recording fees and so on. They happen no matter what and someone has to come up with the cash. So if you can find a seller willing to cover those cost and a buyer uses a no down payment loan like VA or USDA to purchase a home, this equals no cash out of pocket for you. Cool, but if the seller pays all the cost, they will most likely want to negotiate a higher price for the home. So, who really ends up paying those cost, the buyer who rolls it into the loan and pays interest on those cost for the life of the loan or the seller who deducts it from the higher price he demanded for the house. Still, if you want the home and want to hold on to your cash, this may be the way to go. After all, it is simple math.... Call Jim to find out similar truths before you buy. Direct 910.624.9910.