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Open House Hints From ePropertySites

A great article was posted on Trulia last week about turning your online interactions into a busy open house. We love the concept of converting your online social world into a real-life one; isn't that the point, after all? Author Kim Wood offers some excellent suggestions (we particularly loved tip #4!) and we'd like to expand on those here, with a couple of helpful hints about using your ePropertySites account to bring droves of buyers to your next open house.

Hint #1: Plog it! Many members are seeing great success with their plogs (property blogs) ranking highly on Google search results. Why not make another version for your open house? If you're new to plogging, take a peek at our User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create and SEO a plog (scroll down to the plog tutorial).

But whether you're a plogging newbie or a seasoned veteran, creating an open house-specific version would only take a couple tweaks. Now you have a digital flyer- complete with home details and a link to the property website- that will help your open house gain wide exposure online. Check out this example.

Hint #2: Come bearing gifts. You already know that you can print open house flyers for your ePS properties, but have you ever tried using them as part of an incentive package? Clip a $5.00 Starbucks gift card to the top ten flyers in your stack, and then use your social channels to announce to the world that the first ten open house visitors leave with a gift. As buyers depart with their spoils (and a pretty flyer to remember the home by!) make sure you follow up online. Sending out a "Thanks to the Clarks for being our 8th visitors!" tweet creates a buzz within your network. It proves that you follow up on your promise of reward, and helps keep your open house fresh in peoples' minds.

Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your suggestions.