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5 Ways To Turn Your Listing Photos Into Panoramic Tours

Including a panoramic tour in your single property site can boost the number of showings and help buyers form an emotional attachment to the home even before they walk in the door. Here are five (free!) ways you can turn your listing photos into a panoramic tour.

1. Use your camera
Many digital cameras include a free photo stitching assist within the camera itself. Even pocket cameras like Nikon's Coolpix allow you to create panos using nothing but the camera. 

2. Use your smartphone
There are many apps available for smartphones that use the photos taken by the camera on your phone to create a panoramic photo. Photosynth is a well-reviewed and easy to use version for iPhone users, available for free in the App Store.

3. Use your iPad
Photosynth can also be used on your iPad 2, or try another stitching app such as Panorama Free or TourWrist, reviewed here

4. Use the Internet

Websites such as CleVR allow you to upload your images and stitch them for free online, no download required. Once you've created your panoramic image, you can save it to your computer and use it anywhere you'd like. 

5. Use ours!
We've made it easy for you to create a panoramic tour with a free software download available on ePropertySites. Click the media icon next to your property and follow the instructions to download the Microsoft ICE stitching software, and begin creating!

Once you've chosen the stitching method that's best for you, upload your panoramic tour to your single property site in three easy steps right from your Properties tab on ePropertySites:

1. Click on the Media icon next to the property

2. Click on Hi-Def Pano

3. Click the Upload icon and choose the file you'd like to upload

Voila! Your property site now includes a gorgeous panoramic tour that will attract more showings and prove to your sellers that you've got what it takes to be a marketing superstar!