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Use ePropertySites to Sell a Home With Social Media

A great article was posted on InmanNext yesterday detailing one Australian man's success story and six specific steps to sell a home with social media. The steps are absolutely spot-on, but one sentence towards the end of the article really stood out to me:

"If this seems like a lot of work to you, it is."

It doesn't have to be. I can't deny that there is some "sweat equity" involved when establishing a social media marketing strategy. But one of the biggest hurdles that agents face is the sheer volume of different platforms and the time it takes to manage them all. It's easy to get discouraged and lost in the virtual muddle of things.

My advice is this: Don't let it overwhelm you! Deciding to sell a home with social media doesn't have to feel scary. Think of ePropertySites as your online marketing tool belt. We have every tool you need to sell a home online, all in one easy-to-reach location. Use this simplified strategy to cover all of your online bases.

6 easy ways for using ePropertySites to sell a home with social media:

1. Start by targeting specific keywords for your online articles. We have a wonderful step-by-step guide for keyword-targeting already available to you in the blogging section of our User Guide. Learn how to a) determine the correct keywords to target, b) write a strong, SEO-loaded article, and c) post your article using an ePropertySites blog. Easy, powerful, and effective.

2. Create an ePropertySites blog. We even give you the option to create 5 separate blogs (think of each blog as a newspaper) each with an unlimited number of posts allowed (think of each post as an article). This option can allow you to create blogs targeted to a specific house, neighborhood, or other area of your expertise. Check your plan to see if this option applies to you.

3. Build campaigns for every major medium and service. This is an easy one: once your listing is in the ePropertySites system, you can tweet it, post it to Facebook, and even pin it to Pinterest directly from your account. We also automatically generate and post a YouTube video for your listings. Bases? Covered.

4. Collaborate to make it personal. We love Inman's advice on inviting your seller to provide a personal story about living in the home. You can post this story on your ePropertySites blog, and include other testimonials from neighbors or local business owners who love the neighborhood. 

5. Share and share often. Having an open house? Tweet it. Created a property blog? Pin it. Any time you do something on ePropertySites with your listing, that action can be shared within your social circles, thus amplifying your efforts and reaching a much wider audience. 

6. Don't do it alone. We are always here to help. Take advantage of our online help resources or call our customer service specialists at 949-328-5050 if you need more specific assistance. We are available to take your calls Monday through Friday, 9-5 PST.