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Unlimited Websites for Real Estate Agents

Unlimited Websites for Real Estate Agents...

Come on, that can't be true?  Yes it is, our platform allows you to simply click a button and add as many Real Estate Agent Websites as you wish.


As Real Estate Agents, the primary purpose of our Personal Website is to convey information to the public.  Because there are so many different types of properties, neighborhoods, loan information and more with our different customers, it is important to create a site that really speaks to who the Buyer or Seller is.

For that reason we encourage you to create UNLIMITED Websites to match all of your niches, cities, neighborhoods or markets.  Our system couldn't make it easier as you can fully edit the sites and as much content as you desire.  Our system also allows you to give consumers different IDX searches for each city further enhancing each websites effect.


Here are some ideas for Multiple Agent Websites:

1.  Create one for your Personal Brand (ie; Your Name (dot) com with your picture, information and more).  This is the more popular type that is generic in content as far as area information and property search.  If done right, this site can really help people know who you are and could be used and linked to from the other sites and house all of the information day to day like featured properties, helpful information, blog posts, your bio and personal data that is more about you so anybody that knows you can see more when you post new content to facebook, etc.


2.  Create one for each city or community you work (ie; Salt Lake, Laguna Beach, Phoenix, Dallas...etc.).  This allows you to put in important content about that city that consumers will find helpful including local resources, your favorite vendors, property searches, parks and recreation and more.

3.  Create one for all of the "niche markets" that you work (ie; Neighborhood Farm, Luxury, Seniors, Investments, First Time Buyers, Church Groups...etc.).  This means you can really stand out with your peers.  Let's face it, we trust whoever is most like us, so choosing one for a specific niche will help you earn trust more quickly and create branding that will result in growth.


Once you've created ton's of sites for multiple things, you can enhance them by purchasing a specific domain name that speaks to your brand, community or niche.  Also, you can customize all of your online and print marketing by working with our graphics team for FREE if you are on our "Everything" plan...we call it our "Marketing Makeover"....Customization - PDF